Friday, December 27, 2013

I dialed my Crazy back this post-Christmas

You would be so proud of me. I did not rush out to Target to be there at 6:50am and wait for the store to open at 7am. In fact, I got there late. Granted it was like 7:15, but that still qualifies as late.

I really didn't need too much in the way of Christmas decor, however I did snag up some cute lighted marquee stars that I will use for our Fourth of July party.
(Not my house but totally cute usage of the star)
I also needed to restock my wrapping paper and scotch tape supply. I decided next year I am going will all plain papers and big decorative ribbon as the WOW factor on my gift wrapping.
 Next step in my post Holiday shopping...wait until Target marks all of their Christmas stuff 90% off and then pounce on the leftover ornaments to use as part of my gift wrapping embellishment. 

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