Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Secrets to Wedded Bliss

As of yesterday my husband and I have been married for seven years. I'm pretty sure that now makes me an expert on everything to do with holy matrimony. 

It's okay to go to bed angry. There is just no reason to stay up all night arguing in circles. You will need your rest in order to plot your revenge for the morning.

Men: If your wife asks you something...just tell the truth. We already know the answer. Women: If your husband asks you something...it's literally because they have no idea. Or it's something you've already told them 10 times before and they weren't listening.

Sometimes, if you're right (or most of the time if you're the wife)...just shut up. They will get to it on their own. Men, if you are wrong the first time, just try doing it the way your wife told you to in the first place. 

Marriage means having to go sit through three hour movies about Hobbits or Wizards. You can only hope that they have at least cast Channing Tatum, or the movie theater is empty so you can play on your phone.

Your "Honey Do" list often turns into your "Honey Look What I Attempted To Do And Now I Need You To Clean Up My Mess" list. At least you tried though.

You know you love your spouse because they are one of the only people you will actually pick up your phone for rather then sending them to voicemail and wondering why they didn't just text you. 

And finally, you know you are in a happy marriage when you have caught yourself apologizing to your spouse for something they actually did wrong. I can't explain the rationalization behind this one...if you've been there, you just know.

Happy Seven Years to my amazing husband who is truly my happily ever after.


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