Monday, December 23, 2013

How To Store Extra Paint

Because the Holiday time is exactly when people go through their houses and reorganize it.......

Ok, so my timing is a little off, but I just LOVE organizing.  Plus this little tip is great for the ladies who have always wanted to put a girly touch in their garage without their husband's freaking out. Ugh, if only I could get in there and redo all his tools and hardware without him noticing. know all of those leftover gallon buckets of paint we all have that only have a little bit of paint left in them?

They take up so much space and are a pain in the tooter to open when you need them only for a tiny touch-up because someone drunkenly fell off your dining nook chair and scuffed the wall. (Don't worry S.P. your secret is safe with me.)

Put the leftover paint into cute little mason jars and make sure to label the room and paint color. BAM! So much space now to store more tools that you can use to build awesome projects you found on Pinterest.

Such an easy and effective project. Just try not to be quite as messy as I was...

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