Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014...Resolutions Anyone?

Day two of 2014 and I'm already struggling with my New Years Resolution.

This year I resolved to not eat out more than once a week. 
(not including vacations obviously)

I figured that way it kind of bundled weight loss and money saving all into one compact little resolution. But now it's January 2nd and I really want a Publix sub for lunch. If I eat it at home, that counts as not eating out, right? Ugh. Fine, I'll make my own sandwich. It will be no where near as delicious though.

I'm not really sure why everyone is so excited for the New Year. It's a rough transition back to work because you've had so many days off from the Holidays. On top of that you are engorged with all the roasts and cookies you had for Christmas and then have to fit yourself into a sparkly dress. And once all the bubbly is gone and the confetti is thrown you are left with a hangover and a house full of Christmas decorations to stow away for another year. Ugh, that is a terrible start to anything...let alone an entire year!

With all that said however, I am looking forward to 2014 simply because I am not a fan of odd numbers therefore making 2014 inherently better than 2013. #imcrazy

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