Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm Too Immature For Crossfit

I have determined that I am FAR too immature for Crossfit. The stuff that comes out of people's mouths just cracks me up, but when I look around to see if anyone else is giggling I always find myself alone.

Example 1: I was mid workout when two boys were talking about which movements tire them out faster. "Snatch is faster than Jerk". Yes, I would hope snatch would get you there faster then jerking. What? I'm the only one with the mind of a middle school boy around here?!

Example 2: The trainer is trying to convince me that the squats I am about to do will help my stiff gluteal muscles. "Just think of the squats as opening up your butt". Umm, no thank you. I would like to keep my butt nice and closed.

Example 3: In order to roll out a sore muscle in their hip flexor, someone is rolling on a lacross ball on the ground to the point where it simply looks like they are humping the floor. Am I the only one seeing this?!

Then they go and name half the workouts after girls!

Trainer "We're going to do Annie this week."
Student "What? We just did Annie last month, we can't do the same girl."
...how is nobody responding with 'yea, I keep my girls in heavy rotation' and then walking out with a pimp limp?!

 Maybe I just need to grow up...or not.

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