Thursday, December 12, 2013

Parent's Just Don't Understand

Have you ever tried to help your parents with any form of technology? It's like trying to teach an infant to compose a symphony. Except there is no Baby Einstein dvd you can just pop in for them. (Age check: I originally typed "video" and had to go back and correct it...ugh, I'm old.)
My dad was in need of a new cell phone so I gave him my old iPhone that I was no longer using. Should be easy enough for him, right? Nice big screen, he is only going to use the phone feature. God forbid he learn how to text, let alone use that cockamamie Internet thing. 

Alas, my dad was not impressed with the iPhone. Sorry Steve Jobs. So what does he do? He takes the iPhone into the mall to one of those phone kiosks and trades it in. He was so excited with the "great deal" he got on his trade in. They gave him a new phone for FREE in exchange for his iPhone. Beaming with pride from his wheeling and dealing he pulls out his new flip phone. Seriously? Is that a Razr? Do they still make those? Way to go Zack Morris...1991 has nothing on you.

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