Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY Light Wall...SPOILER ALERT: It's a wall of lights

'Tis the Season for festive merriment and audacious displays of lights!
(Superheroes not included)
Fine, I made this light wall in October, but it was a Halloween Party HIT! It all started one night when I was watching some D-rate movie about a high school reunion. There they were standing in front of what looked like a waterfall of Christmas lights. From there I simply HAD to have it. Sadly this was in June and strings of Christmas lights were no where to be found in stores. I slipped in to my patience pants and waited until October...then it was GO time!!

  • 2 pieces of wood that measure the distance you from one end of the wall to the next
  • Strings of LED Christmas lights (you must use LED because you will need to attach lots of strings together)
  • Hooks
Take each piece of wood and measure out where you want each hook. I did a hook every 1.5" apart...which resulted in 90 hooks that needed to be put into each piece of wood (top piece and bottom piece). I pre-drilled all of the holes to screw the hooks into, but about 5 hooks in my hands were already blistered and hurting. No worries, only 175 more hooks to go! 

Once you have all the hooks in, simply hang one piece of wood to the ceiling of where your wall will be and put the other piece of wood on the ground below it.

Finally, just wind your string lights up and down from the hooks. When you get to the top or bottom, space them out by stringing them through the next hook to the side. 

There you you have your Christmas Light Wall / Romantic backdrop for al fresco dining / Backdrop for Party Pictures / Twinkle-torium!!! 

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