Friday, December 13, 2013

Five On Friday

Oh hey Rebecca Black...what day is it?
and 'We We We So Excited"

I have five random items for you this Friday:

1. I went to a drive thru last week and ordered a drink and some food. Drove up to the window, payed, got my food and then left. I quickly noticed they forgot to give me my drink so I pulled into a parking spot and went inside to get it. The girl working the drive thru told the other employee that "oh, she didn't want it". Yes sweetie...I often go to drive thrus, pay for drinks and then speed off laughing. Seriously?

2. I strive to be as lovably snarky as Andy Cohen. (Note the condescending "sweetie" in #1)

3. Rebecca Black has made a new song, Saturday. I am waiting until Saturday before I listen to it. I just know it will have a profound effect on my life...

4. This:

5. I still have a bad habit of talking to my parents and husband in baby voice. One time, I called what I thought was my husband's phone but I accidentally dialed his work line at the hospital. When a guy picked up (I assumed it was him) I sang into the phone in baby voice. The person asked me if I was drunk and hung up. Oh, and they have caller ID. I was mortified.

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