Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm THAT person

You know who I'm talking about.

Those crazy ladies who wait outside of Target 15 minutes before it even opens on the day after holidays in order to stock up on half priced decorations for next year.

In fact, I may or may not have been the very first person inside of Target this morning. Let's not lie, I was.  I try to play it all cool, play on my cell phone outside the locked front door as if I'm not really just watching the clock counting down the seconds to get in there. Then once I was in I skipped getting a cart, not because I didn't think I would get much, but because it would slow me down in being the first one back there. Seriously people, this is shameful. I walk back at a slightly faster than normal pace because I'm still attempting to look somewhat sane. Once I have my hands on the item I wanted the most (a grim reaper tombstone looking thing...totally crucial) I quickly go down the rest of the aisles twice ten times.

At this point I'm now balancing a stone grim reaper, two giant storage bins, a light up pumpkin, 4 placemats, a tablecloth, a skeleton hand bowl, and a decorative pillow. I'm a mess, I can barely hold on to these items, but damn it, I was first back there, and it was worth it!

Don't think my shameless performance stops there.

I then make my way up to the register where I proceed to use multiple coupons I printed off the internet, a coupon they scan from my phone, a gift card that I earned from my last visit to Target, and then finish off by paying with my debit card.

There was literally a 60 year old lady behind me making fun of me....and I deserved it.

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