Monday, November 25, 2013

I Like To Party...and By Party I Mean Take Naps

Well I had quite the eventful weekend of NOTHING. I sat at home Saturday night and made a tree skirt for my Christmas tree....which of course then forced my hand in putting up all my indoor Christmas decorations. Tree and all. Nordstrom would be so disappointed in me.
Don't worry though, I'm going to hold off on decorating the outside of my house until after Thanksgiving in order to hide my crazy from my neighbors. With such a ...busy... weekend I was left with time to think of a few questions for you guys:

1. Real Christmas Tree vs. Fake Christmas Tree?

2. Do you like to wait until Thanksgiving to look at all the black Friday ads or do you research them ahead of time on the internet?

3. If you have a clone made of yourself and have sex with said clone, does it just count as masturbating?


  1. First...thank you for your morning comedy! Made my day :) Second...I love that you started decorating already. We've had some decorations up for about two weeks now. Shhhh

    Okay, now onto the real business at hand. 1) Fake for two reasons. I think they're prettier when decorated, and maybe that's my excuse because I'm allergic to real ones. Boo. 2) I don't Black Friday you know, since I hate shopping and crowds, Black Friday is my living nightmare. :) 3) comment.

    Thanks for sharing your crazy with the rest of us!

    1. Your secret is safe with me ;)
      Let me try to redeem Black Friday for're an athlete, think of it as a have to get out there and get those deals before everyone else. Knock old ladies out of the way, step on small children on the way to the one can get in the way of you and your purchase! (too far?)
      And I'm totally counting your no comment as a Yes! :)

  2. Ha!! Well, that does put a different spin on Black Friday. Hmmmm, there may be some beat up people in my future!

  3. 1. Usually fake, but when in Rome...we are cutting down a real one this year. I think fake look prettier, but we shall see how pretty I can make this real one.
    2. I don't shop Black Friday. I used to before I had kids, but now it's just too complicated and I am such a procrastinator with Christmas gifts. My kids have ONE so far. And it's a shared gift. HA!
    3. No. If it's a's a separate person. Now Tom wants a clone of me. Probably a much more fun clone of me.