Friday, November 8, 2013

Did I Just Say That?

I have a confession.

I watch a lot of Reality TV. Like, a whole lot.

 I work from home, and I enjoy having background noise on, and it's so easy to just have on reality tv because you don't have to pay attention to any plot lines or character development.

Now that I have validated my addiction, let me tell you why I am so openly admitting to such a vice.

Reality TV has caused me to use words I am ashamed to say I even know what they mean. Not in the actual definition of the word sense, but as dumbed down slang.

For instance, because of watching Bad Girls Club, I have, in real life, called someone 'rachet'. Sadly I was not referring to her stopping by Home Depot to pick up a tool...

Girl One - "She tried picking a fight with everyone there"
Girl Two - "Of course she did, she's rachet"

Another usage of my new found vocabulary is "boo". I could have picked this one up from a myriad of shows, and my main use of it is to piss my husband off. He hates when I call him my 'boo' and that just makes the word ever so alluring to me. 

I know now that I don't go out to have fun, I go out to "turn up". What exactly am I turning up? I'm not sure...but if I am going to have fun, I need to turn up. Society says so.

Most importantly, from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills I have realized that champagne is really called 'champs' and I need my husband to build me a 3,000 square foot closet (yes, that would be the size of my entire house) so that everyone else is 'jelly' (jealous) of me.

Seacrest Out! <Drop the Mic>

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