Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Busy Kids on Thanksgiving = More Pies for ME!

I was asked today for some ideas for crafts to keep kids/teenagers busy at Thanksgiving. My initial response was...tell them to get in the kitchen and make me some apple pie, but it turns out kids are not just mini-housekeepers.  Anyways, here's a quick little post with some ideas:

A Turkey Jar whose tail feathers state what you are thankful for...added bonus...CANDY!

Fan folded Fall Leaves...then use them after as napkin rings or in a centerpiece

Scrapbook paper Turkey Place Cards...avoid arguing over who sits next to Grandma

Mod Podge leaf candles or vases...ambiance people, set the mood!!

Thankful Wreath, get the whole family involved!...chalkboard not included

Christmas tags...stow them away for when Santa drops off those unmarked gifts that he then makes you wrap  yourself. Lazy old man.

 With the kiddos busy with their crafts, there is no excuse why my 5 course meal shouldn't be ready by 1pm. Get on it moms!!

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