Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY Santa's Key Christmas Decoration

December is less than two weeks away, so I think I did well in holding off on making any Christmas decorations until now. At our wedding we gave key shaped bottle openers as favors for our guests. That bottle opener lasted me almost seven years...I guess it got that dreaded 7-year itch and decided to poop out on me. I just couldn't part with it though, so I needed to find a craft for it.

Pair that sad story with the fact that I live in Florida and have absolutely zero need for a fireplace and you'll get why I absolutely needed a Santa's Key! I have to stay one step of ahead of any excuse not to get me a present...Santa now has a key and that fat bastard better bring me a pony this year!
My Supplies (paint not pictured...use your imagination)
Since I already had the key, this project cost me a grand total of $0.97. A real bank breaker. Start by painting the wooden circle whatever color you desire. Once that dries you can use a permanent marker to write "Santa's Key" on it.  Remember my fun hint on how to have perfect handwriting on vases? Well here's another pearl of wisdom...
Print out your desired font and then shade in the back of that with a pencil. Place it on your craft surface and trace around the edges so that the lead on the back of the paper transfers to the surface. Now you're ready to go over that with your paint or permanent marker.

I continued on to add glitter to the edges of my circle and then used Mod Podge on top so that it wouldn't flake off.

Now it's time for the key. Clearly Santa would not have a regular old key. He would have a glitter key!! That Santa is just so fabulous! Using the Mod Podge affix the glitter to the key and then once that dries use your Mod Podge again to seal it.
That glitter cost me $0.50...I'm not wasting a single sparkle of that!

From there all you have left is attaching them with a pretty ribbon and hanging them from your door knob. I'm not so patiently waiting for my presents Mr. Claus!
Ooooo, sparkles!!!


  1. You are amazing.....LOL. And you continue to make me laugh my ass off!

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    1. Thanks!! You should totally make one and post the finished product.