Tuesday, October 29, 2013

So I started a blog...now what?

People have been on my back for awhile now to start a blog...I have resisted for years and now out of sheer boredom, here I am.

Now what?

I read a lot of blogs, but most of the blogs I read were either started out of tragedy (someone died) or it's to keep up with the overly existent social life of my friends' kids. Since I don't have kids and I am hoping there are no tragedies, I'm not sure where to focus the start of this blog.

In general, I enjoy crafting, going to Target...daily, crossfit, and sadly eating. So you can expect to see posts about those subjects mingled with funny stories that happened to me (or if I'm not willing to admit to some of them I will merely say they happened to a friend).

So there's that...my first blog post. I think I am now officially an accomplished author. I will accept my Pulitzer whenever you see fit.