Friday, January 3, 2014

I Love Free Samples!!!

If I see an offer for a free sample, it doesn't matter what it is, I fill it out. I love getting mail and I love free samples. I get free samples of laundry detergent, tampons, even contact one in my house wears contacts. But it's FREE!! And it comes delivered in my mailbox!!! I MUST have them!!!

Spanky, my australian shepard, especially loves when I get free samples of dog food.

My pile was starting to overrun my pantry it was time to donate some of the dog food. To which Spanky's response was:

 "WHAT??!! Are you crazy?? I don't see you donating any of your food fatty"

Whoa, Whoa...settle down there Spanky. You don't need all of that food. There are other dogs that are hungry in this world.

Then his sister Britney Spears got into the argument as they stole the bag of dog food back from me to pick out their favorites.

Surprisingly, Spanky just couldn't see himself parting with any of the bags.

"I love them all and must keep them in my belly"

Fat Dogs.

Moral of this's a cool site where you can go to get free samples:

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