Thursday, January 30, 2014

Reality TV Actually Taught Me Something

My husband is currently enrolled in some college courses in order to become a Registered Nurse. 
In his Nutrition class he was given an assignment where they presented pictures of famous chefs and he had to name them. Sure he got the obvious ones, there's no mistaking Paula Deen or Guy Fieri, but there were some black and white pictures of old school chefs that he had NO IDEA who they were. So what is a guy to do? Turn to his genius wife of course!

I turned to my vast experience from watching Catfish: The TV Show where they out people who created fake online profiles. I knew at some point watching so much trashy reality tv would benefit me...and that's why I put in all those long hours.

Thanks to Catfish, I knew we could just save the pictures to our computer and go to to upload them and BAM! just like that it would search the internet for their likeness and tell us who they were!

Move over Nev...there's a new Catfish detective in town.

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