Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cranky Pants Thursday

I'm fired up today so you get to suffer benefit from my rage.

How dual-enrollment High School students perceive my husband in college. (Minus the death part)
The cost of college is insane these days. I read something recently that posed the question "What if the cure for cancer is locked inside the mind of a teenager who can't afford to go to college?"

We just had to get books for my husband's course load, and for three books...yes, just three, it cost us almost $500. INSANITY!  Two of the courses aren't even in a classroom, they are online. Why can't the books just be online for viewing then as well? I could buy 5 Kindles for the price of those books where I could just download the reading on to them. One Kindle for the car, one Kindle for by the pool, one Kindle for at work, one Kindle on the couch, and with my fifth Kindle I'll go ahead and donate it because I already have four other Kindles. It makes NO sense!!

Then when you go to pay for the books they were generally shocked that we were paying with a debit card and not with student loan money. It should not be the norm that someone has to go so insanely into debt just to receive an education. Education should be a right, not a privilege.

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